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Курс по „Програмиране с Java“ – Beginners

is an object-oriented programming language

изтеглен файл Java is an object-oriented programming language. With Java can be developed extremely diverse software like: office applications, web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, games and much more. Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Millions of developers worldwide write in Java. The world’s largest software corporations such as IBM, Oracle, Google and SAP base their decisions on Java platform and using Java as the primary language for the development of their products. During the training you will be presented many data types, commands, variables, operators, objects in JavaScript, functions in objects, control of errors and breaks. Also: interaction of the program with HTML and CSS, working with data from digital, text, time and boolean, arrays, mathematical objects, objects of type „regular expression“. In this course you will learn the use of various objects, such as Screen, Lacation, History, Navigation. You will learn the libraries and structures in JavaScript. Material will be presented with interesting and relevant examples of motivated professionals with long experience in teaching.

Duration of a couse in Java – 25 lessons by 40 min ( 2 weeks )
Price: 300BGN