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About us

Computer Education Centre "Progress"

za-nasComputer Education Centre “Progress” is closely focused on the delivery of knowledge and skills in software programs, offering training in both more widespread and more specialized programs. We are an experienced and motivated team whose goal is for every student to obtain the necessary knowledge in order to develop and realize his dreams and ambitions. Our students receive a Certificate attesting to their knowledge of relevant software program. We offer the following types of training:

  • Individual training
  • Group training
  • Distance training (at home or at the office – Sofia)
  • Transportation to our center, on request.

Our center is located in a very convenient location in the city center, it has modern equipment, powerful computers and qualified teaching staff. All this creates an opportunity for enjoyable and effective learning. Our mission is our students to receive quality and lasting knowledge and skills so that one can develop and realize his dreams and ambitions and to feel confident to improve one’s efficiency. Individual attitude and positive coverage of small details leads to desired overall success.